A Magical Ride, Books and EBooks

We as a human always require something to stick, something keep us motivate but very some of us knows the right way to keep our self on track. This digital era have greatest impact on our everyday lives but on our habit patterns too. This digitalization have brought everything in palm of our hands, although many of us struggle with accepting it, books being part of this evolution have turned into e-books now. A magical ride we all have taken by reading nostalgic stories are now turning part of this digitalization. Books or e-books? I know many book lovers find it offensive to talk about, but we all need change as per convenience. There is a saying that ‘devices are not threat to literature, people who don’t read are’. This is the biggest no stoppable debate, but one should not stop learning no matter what! There are several websites, applications that have large numbers of e-books present which we can read as per liking anywhere and anytime we wants, even now some applications have option that they read the book for us, isn’t it sweet? But nothing can beat the smell of paper and ink while reading, hitting the nostalgia right? Several bookstores offer large discounts, offers and deals on buying printed books. So no one should feel less. A magical ride to the fantasy life: “Anything can magical happen to those who read books” we all have read multiple fairytales and princess stories also the monster who got killed by the hero, in our childhood. We made fantasy life in head thinking about those stories as we grow old we eventually forget about it. As the media has taken over the books we should not stop reading whether it is printed or digital to keep ourselves open to the world of fantasies and knowledge.

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